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Frequently Asked Questions

A nonmedical professional who guides individuals & families through the dying process through presence, support, advocacy, education, companionship.

A doula is a calming and reassuring presence with knowledge of the dying process. We are a resource for families who may be overwhelmed and grieving at the impending death of a loved one.

My services do not replace a hospice team or their services, but I work alongside them and can complement their services.

A doula can be contacted at any time during the dying process. The sooner a doula enters the process the more time can be spent getting to know you & your family and determining your end of life needs and wishes.

Yes, I will be where the person has chosen to die.

Cost is dependent on agreed upon services as single services, or in packages. Payment plans and sliding- scale options are available.

Yes, I am a certified Life Planning Doula Specialist.

Yes, for End-of-Life Care and Advanced Care Planning.